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Louis Pasture

Beef Chips

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Clean & Lean Protein.  On the go Meat Snack!  Only two ingredients.  Beef and Salt.  Savory & Healthy snack.  You can use it with a dip, melt cheese on them, or just eat them right out of the bag.  Delicous! 0 Carbs

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Lorne M
    Beef Chips you say? Indeed.

    These beef chips are incredible as is but try adding your favourite dipping sauce for even more yum.

    Meghan Kha
    Beef chips were too good

    So good fairly and crunchy. Ate the whole bag!

    Beef Chips?

    I had to try them. They are thin, crispy and dry. I had a difficult time eating them on their own. I crumbled them up and put in my eggs or mixed with crumbled pork rinds for coating chicken. In the end - delicious.

    Meredith Carlow
    Couldn’t eat them

    I’d like to start by saying I LOVE the white cheddar pork crisps, they are delicious and I will continue to buy them. But the beef chips I couldn’t do, I tried to like them but they remind me too much of the way canned dog food smells.

    Dawne Deeley
    Better than any other beef chip

    Love these beef chips - love the fact they're made locally even more. I've never, EVER been disappointed with snacks from Primal Sisters, and these have just made it on my 'must always have' list (right next to the white cheddar pork crisps)!